About Us

Quality Equipment for Superior Know-how
With over 30 years experience in the industry, the owner of United Power has been continuously striving for a dedication to providing premier quality products and complete excellence in service. Our aim was to build genuine customer relationships and notably, to be the outdoor power equipment distributor of preference in each market we serve.

As the community has changed, so has our business – but these values continue to be essential now as they did several years ago. It is our interest and dedication to these values that is the basis of our business and it is the main reason we have been a leading provider in the outdoor power equipment industry throughout our history.

Premier Service and Quality 
We’ve been very successful at improving generators and light industrial equipment by listening to our customers and anticipating their needs. This accomplishment has translated into growth that has allowed us to increase our equipment offerings and bring our services to a greater number of customers. Our strong line of equipment solidifies our position as a leading distributor of outdoor power equipment in the region, and in locations covering the United States and Canada offering all types of light industrial equipment. These are just some of our offerings:

  • Trash Pumps
  • Gas Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Pressure Washers

Prepared for Service
United Power is one of the strongest in the industry. Our product line includes everything from small handheld pressure washers to large powered gas generators. While having a wide variety of equipment is central, ensuring that they all operate correctly is the most critical. We recognize that our line of products are the foundation of our business and we stand behind the quality equipment we sell. Our primary concern is that our customers are happy and satisfied.

United Power: Leading Into the Future
United Power distributes a high-quality line of outdoor power equipment. From million dollar corporate clients to weekend backyard homeowners, we’re ready to help with quality equipment and top-level service.

United Power continues to provide you, our customer, a superior experience each and every time and in turn, has become your equipment company of choice.